Fairy, Einstein and the Cherry Trees   



Can a cherry tree expert also be an expert on how to live?
 Before the old tree falls, his great-granddaughter finds out.

Sano Toemon, 94 years of age, is a worldwide celebrated cherry blossom expert. Sano - who listens to the "voices" of his beloved cherry trees - has lived through as many experiences as the thousands of trees he cared for but never talked about these.  However, he realizes that soon - like the weathered leaning cherry tree he might not be able to save - his juices of life will stop flowing, and his memories will wither away like fallen blossoms. So his grand-granddaughter visits him and, in an intimate conversation, gently rakes together the life lessons he now wants to share with the audience.






Inoue Haruo / Director


Haruo is not only a film director, but also a commercial & TV director. He has directed more than 10 theatrically released films, including the 2018 documentary film "The Reality Behind What We See", which depicts the emotional journey of Gozo Yoshimasu, one of Japan's leading contemporary poets, as he visits Kyoto in the four seasons to recover the words he lost in the Great East Japan Earthquake and compose a poem. The film was highly acclaimed for its visual beauty and was selected for competition at 19 international film festivals (feature documentary category) and won 10 awards including the Best Director Award and Grand Prix at seven festivals in the U.S., Italy, Venezuela, and other countries. He is currently working on a documentary film, Vertigo, in memory of the late poet Jonas Mekas, who was considered the father of American avant-garde art cinema (to be released in 2022).

Nakamura Mitsuhiro / Producer


Mitsuhiro spent his school days in Kyoto and worked as a math teacher at a cram school before entering the TV production business. He has also worked for many years on programs introducing the history, culture, and tourist information of Kyoto and Nara, and has made it his life's work to make use of his knowledge and connections. He has been working with Director Inoue for 10 years, and they have produced many TV programs together.

Sugano Makoto/ Producer


Sugano Makoto has been working as a TV program director on art and science documentaries since 2005. In 2017, he also internationally co-produced a documentary about the first female surfer in Bangladesh. He also plays a role as a committee member of Tokyo Docs, the Japanese largest industry event for docs.



Sugano Makoto
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