Seasons 1: 29 mins. X 3 episodes

Seasons 2: 29 mins. X 3 episodes
Seasons 3: 29 mins. X 3 episodes


This 12-episode series features Hikari Mitsushima and Sousuke Ikematsu, both immensely popular in Japan, with impressive co-stars such as Masaki Suda and Kengo Koura. It faithfully visualizes short stories by Ranpo Edogawa and Seishi Yokomizo, both canonical mystery writers who led the genre in Japan for decades from the 1920s onwards.

The series embodies the eros, fantasy, and madness of human beings beautifully yet with a unique vision and includes stories from the Kogorou Akechi series featuring the most famous Japanese detective (played by Mitsushima, an actress, for this series); stories from the Kousuke Kindaichi series; The Human Chair, about a man who relishes the touch of human bodies from inside a chair; and A Love Affair of Less than a Man, where a husband is found to be having an affair with a doll.

Directors of the series consist of up-and-coming creators who have directed films, TV commercials, music videos, etc.