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Seasons 1: 29 mins. X 3 episodes

Seasons 2: 29 mins. X 3 episodes
Seasons 3: 29 mins. X 3 episodes

Seasons 4: 29 mins. X 3 episodes


This 12 episode series features Hikari Mitsushima,  immensely popular in Japan, with impressive co-stars such as Masaki Suda and Kengo Koura. It faithfully visualizes short stories by Ranpo Edogawa , canonical mystery writers who led the genre in Japan for decades from the 1920s onwards.

The series embodies the eros, fantasy, and madness of human beings beautifully yet with a unique vision and includes stories from the Kogorou Akechi series featuring the most famous Japanese detective (played by Mitsushima, an actress, for this series); The Human Chair, about a man who relishes the touch of human bodies from inside a chair; 

Directors of the series consist of up-and-coming creators who have directed films, TV commercials, music videos, etc.

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